3 x HLF2017 Town Hall events

Alan Johnson, Jenni Murray and Ian Rankin will all be appearing at  HLF2017. Tickets available through Huddersfield Town Hall or click on the relevant image below.

"Words – whether storytelling, poetry, drama, novels or discussion – are a powerful way of exploring issues from love and death to social matters and human rights. Whatever your sphere of interest, you are likely to find something here to move, inspire, entertain or provoke thought. Arts and culture enhance our lives as individuals and bring us together as a society. As someone whose profession relies on words and the way they are delivered, I’m proud to champion the festival."

Sir Patrick Stewart OBE, Festival Patron


"Literature broadens the mind and it’s really important to have people coming to Huddersfield to stimulate new ideas and debate. Also, to help people hone their own skills - as poets, as novelists, as scriptwriters - so that they can then become the next generation of writers that are affecting Yorkshire, the country, the UK and the world. The literature festival is a sweet reminder to people of what is theirs – of what they have a right to.”

Lemn Sissay MBE, Festival Patron


#Courageis Project

To view our animated short - A Snail's Journey - created by Giles Bowman, click on the image below.


Majikkon - tickets on sale

Tickets are now on sale for Majikkon, simply click on the image below.


Polari - tickets on sale


Julie Summers: From Jambusters to Home Fires - tickets on sale

What they are saying about us...

“Huddersfield Lit Fest rocks! Get yourself along and have some fun”
Irvine Welsh

“My favourite festival! A passionate directorate and a lively, engaged audience with an insatiable appetite for books, what more could anyone wish for?”
Ben Miller


White Rose Award Finalists


We had a fantastic night as a finalist in Welcome to Yorkshire's prestigious White Rose Awards - congratulations to Yorkshire Young Sinfoniah, winners of the Arts & Culture category.

The Festival team were particularly thrilled to meet the original Calendar Girls.


Click on the image below to view our short film of HLF2014

Images from HLF2016

We hope you enjoyed our 2016 Festival as much as we did. Here are a few memories...







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Feedback from performers

    “It is my privilege to be part of this wonderful, warm community of books that is the Huddersfield Literature Festival.” Joanne Harris MBE

    “What an efficient, relaxed and big-hearted Festival. Huddersfield treats its readers and its writers with equal warmth and regard.” Jim Crace

    "So glad the show was such a success - One of my best audiences I have to say." Sunny Ormonde

    “Bringing Polari to Huddersfield Lit Fest was a total pleasure. The performers were all well taken care of, the audience was warm and receptive and we left looking forward to next year. I can't thank the organisers enough for putting on such a great festival.” Paul Burston

    “Thank you again endlessly for such an amazing time and tour, it was fantastic and I've been raving about it." Jamie DeWolf

    “From the moment I arrived in Huddersfield I was welcomed and looked after in every way. The event was packed, with a delightful and engaged audience – top of my list for a return visit.” Helen Lederer